The Belt & Road Agrifood & Trade Summit

The agriculture and food industries are important to the global production industry. As the globalization process is speeding up, it brings a great impact and challenges to the agriculture and food industries. The Belt and Road (B&R) in China is gradually implemented, it injected & strengthen for the economic globalization and created a new platform of global economic development.

The Belt and Road (B&R) propose "Five areas of connectivity"︰Policy coordination、Facilities connectivity、Unimpeded trade、Financial integration、People-to-people bond。As the “Unimpeded Trade‘’ which is propose to Establish free trade zones with countries, Eliminating trade barriers, Building a good business environment, Realize the Facilitation of trade and investment, is the ultimate goal of the BRI, developing countries and emerging economies along the Belt and Road (B&R) brings in unprecedented business opportunities and vitality to the global agriculture and food industry. Meanwhile the difficult of the cooperation between the inter-nationals cannot be disregard, such as the safety and regulation of law of Food import and export. There are challenges to further promote and enhance the bilateral and multilateral business cooperation between these countries and economies.

The First Belt & Road Agrifood & Trade Summit (ATS) will be a high-level event focusing on the opportunities and challenges to the agriculture and food industry under the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), to provide a solid platform as an integration of communication & discussion, business matching and investment promotion. In the ATS, the agriculture and trade ministers from the countries along B&R will be invited as guest speakers, to discuss and exchange views regarding to the demand in investment and development in agriculture and food industry, the opportunity and challenge of cooperation brought by business collaboration under the Initiative. Expecting over 1,000 senior government officials, enterpriser, ambassadors, consulates, International investors, and professional person will attend to build partnership and to seize the opportunities under the BRI. 

Date: 27 June 2018 (Wednesday)
Venue: Hall 2, Asia World-Expo Hong Kong
Theme: Investment & Business Opportunities Of Agriculture & Food Industries Under The Belt & Road Initiative
Language: English/ Putonghua (supported by simultaneous interpretation )